Monday, January 24, 2022
madam rage

Madam Rage


madam rage

If you suffer from “wardrobe envy” each time you step out each-and-every Saturday night then you need to seek urgent help for your condition and Madam Rage is the ideal online friend for every female that craves their¬†fashionable fix.

Madam Rage started life as a small, family-run, fashion brand back in 2005. But their passion for designing creative, sought-after clothing meant that Madam Rage couldn’t be contained to its West Yorkshire boundaries.

Today, Madam Rage can be found in many high street stockists like New Look and DP but they also have a strong online reach and the turnaround of products on their site is pretty impressive.

Here at shopNbag we always strive to keep you informed of every promotion, discount and coupon code that is made available to us… Click on the big link below and feed your fashion furor at Madam Rage…

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Review overview

Look & Feel6.5
Product Filter6.5
Delivery & Returns7
Promotions & Discounts7


If you ignore the cumbersome and oversized top navigation pane then you'll have an enjoyable experience. Pity as this is a really great brand but the site seems to let it down... Needs some TLC x.

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