Crew Clothing

crew clothing

If it's the casual look your after then the Crew Clothing Company is the brand for you! This designer brand offers high quality clothing for women, men, girls and boys. The Crew Clothing Company tailors attractive, well-fitted styles that not only look good but can also be worn in outdoor practical sense.

Renowned for their rugby and polo shirts, the brand has developed a market worldwide. 

Crew Clothing is the brain child of Alistair Parker-Swift who formed the brand in the 90's. Its main market at the time was those in and around the yachting fraternity - middle to upper class - even Princess Di was a customer in the early days.

Nowadays, the Crew Clothing Company has grown a name for producing fashionable, well-tailored clothes which look good and are comfortable to wear - no longer just a brand for someone who is forty-something but engaging with all demographics who just want to look smart and dressy.

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