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Mens Winter Hooded Jacket by Helly Hansen

What a winter we’re having, over 40cm of snow and then the temperatures decided to drop to a chilling -18, and we’re just into January. The severity of the Arctic conditions caught most of us out by surprise, some of our rural communities were ground to a complete standstill as many of the roads became impassible. Those people that had to venture out in the cold soon experienced that their... [Read more]

Cry Wolf Knit Duffle

We lads know that when it comes to picking Christmas presents for a loved one we are not the best. Every year we ask the same thing and every year we get the same answer “surprise me”, what does that mean? We’re not good at surprises either, in the end we seem to get them the same presents we get every year: perfume, jewellery, slippers and chocolates. This year, really surprise,... [Read more]

Henleys Mens Tear Lightweight Jacket

As the days start to get closer to the 25th of December some ladies might start to worry what to get their partner for the big day. Do you want to get them something big, something small or something expensive? As we all know most people like to go out, even it’s for a few drinks in the local pub, during the festive period. With it being the end of December, it’s normally freezing or wet, so we... [Read more]

Timberland Lounger Boots

The winter weather brings snow and rain, one of the worst things about having to go out is having cold, wet feet that just make us feel miserable. What you need is to slide your feet into something that just wraps your toes in warmth? The Timberland Lounger boot is the perfect gift or present to either yourself or a loved one. This boot just shouts out quality with its fleece lining and suede uppers... [Read more]

Ugg Australia’s Best Boot

The very mention of the name Ugg Australia brings thoughts of fashion, comfort and warmth so what makes these classic Australia boots famous the World over? After all they have been said to look unfashionable, un-cool and even clumsy looking boots. What do they know, these boots have been worn by swimmers and surfers all over the world since the early 70s and well it can’t be said that they are not... [Read more]

Christmas Party Dress by White Stuff

With Christmas just around the corner and the pre-christmas parties about to swing into action – you need a dress that helps you stand out-in-the-crowd, looks sophisticated and oozes sex appeal. Step forward the White Stuff Christmas Dress selection. White Stuff are fast becoming increasingly popular for their contemporary styles, beautiful fabrics and high quality stitching. Don’t just... [Read more]

Designer Mens Shirts by Joe Browns

If it’s that independent look your after this Christmas time, then look no further than a mens designer shirt from Joe Browns. Stylish, sophistication, contemporary, extremely affordable and most definitely designed to give that original look, Joe Browns designer mens shirts are an eye-catching inclusion to any man’s wardrobe. Here are just a selection of mens shirts from Joe Browns, we... [Read more]

Mens Stylish Coats and Jackets By Peter Werth

What does one expect from a Peter Werth jacket or coat? Contemporary, smart and stylish, functional, top tailored cuts, all spring to mind … which is why, we at shopNbag, are proud to feature this mens designer wear as part of our winter collection. Below you’ll find just some of the Peter Werth Jacket & Coat range for Winter 2009. We hope you like the selection as much as ourselves… Black... [Read more]

Henleys Womens Snowstorm Jacket

In today’s economic climate it’s getting harder to find good quality goods at an affordable price, we all love to look our best whether it’s heading to the local shops or down the clubs dancing with your mates. Having nice clothes gives us all that feeling of wellbeing and let be honest, who doesn’t like the attention of people look at you? We have found a jacket that ticks all the right... [Read more]

Mens Fleece Jacket

Over the next few months we’ll be hearing Christmas carols in all the major supermarkets, department stores and shopping arcades as the holiday season fast approaches. This gives us a nice warm feeling inside – however, don’t be taken in. This marketing ploy is used by retailers to relax you so you spend more money in their desired shops. Instead of whittling away your hard earned... [Read more]

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